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YOU ALWAYS HAD THE ABILITY TO LOVE: [Listen here] (A fanmix for Wallosh when they were on the emotion swap cruise. I know i’ve always done playlists for them when they are their regular selves, but their swapped personalities are definitely my favorites and it hurts more.)

Ego - The Saturdays ☆ Bubblewrap - Mcfly ☆ Roger Rabbit - Sleeping with sirens ☆ I won’t give up - Jason Mraz ☆ Paint you wings - All time low ☆ Sweetest sin - Jessica Simpson  ☆ How to be a heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds ☆ Who owns my heart- Miley Cyrus☆ I knew you were trouble  -Taylor Swift☆ Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade☆Give me love- Ed Sheeran ☆ Don’t wanna think about you - Simple Plan ☆Ever enough - Rocket to the moon ☆ Monster- Paramore☆ Fix a heart - Demi Lovato

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